When it comes to living our best lives, we know the secret is capturing “Living Young.” Cells are born young and behaving healthy. Stress, contamination, toxins, and bad habits alter cellular behavior over time cause our bodies to age. Restoring cells to youth, and boosting cell renewal allow us to Live Younger.


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Live Younger is your premier resource for holistic heal, wellness, and a happier, healthier and younger you.

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Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, regular exercise — we all know these things are good for us. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the overall state of our bodies.

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Sleep is essential for good health. In fact, we need sleep to survive – just like we need food and water. So it’s no wonder we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, as too little quality sleep hurts our body’s circadian clock and cellular health.


Never underestimate the power of a deep, soothing breath. Breathing is something that we don’t really think about, but it is an essential youth restoration practice and one of the foundations of holistic health and wellness. Mindful breathing and meditation techniques are not only good for our peace of mind, but they are also great for keeping us young.


Healthy-born cells are soon exposed to contamination from chemicals we ingest, pollution from the air we breathe and even toxins from the hormones our own bodies produce. Toxification is a primary cause of cellular damage. Detox helps remove toxic substances, damaged cells and tissues, and other underlying factors that cause premature aging and diseases.


Your food choices can either hurt or help your cells either speed up cellular aging, or keep your cells younger. The good news: Foods that are anti-inflammatory tend to be the same foods that can help keep you healthy in other ways, too. So eating with inflammation in mind doesn’t have to be complicated or restrictive.

What Is Holistic Medicine?

YouthPM (Promotes Quality Sleep)

Now I’m going to tell you what goes into these groundbreaking supplements- not only so you can see exactly what you’re putting into your body, but also so you can gain a better understanding as to the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the full-body transformation you’re about to experience for yourself.

The exclusive YouthPM formula programs the body’s circadian rhythm to coincide with the restorative sleep cycle- and that is where the magic happens. This alignment immediately boosts cell regeneration, brain detox, liver detox, kidney detox, muscle reset and recovery, immune systems, metabolism, relaxation, calmness, and even sexual and mental health. Below I will elaborate on the formula’s all-natural key ingredients that each have powerful properties all by themselves- but when complemented and combined with the others, become exponentially more effective.

Benefits: Calmness, Detox, Rest, Recovery

Youth+ (Promotes Wellness, Boosts Cell Regeneration)

After a restorative good night’s sleep, your cells are ready to undertake their primal functions. This is when Youth Plus packs the punch. The proprietary formula boosts cell regeneration, cellular preservation, fertility, vitality, libido, endurance, stamina, energy, mental clarity, alert, metabolism, immune, and energy.

Benefits: Boosts Immune, Energy, Metabolism, Immune, Focus, Enhances Mood

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