Welcome to Live Younger, your premier resource for holistic heal, wellness, and happier, younger you. When it comes to living our best lives, we know the secret is capturing “Living Young.” Cells are born young and behaving healthy. Stress, contamination, toxins, and bad habits alter cellular behavior over time cause our bodies to age. Restoring cells to youth, and boosting cell renewal allow us to Live Younger.

Our Founder – Nidal Sakr

A few years back, I was working long hours setting up new businesses. Although I tried to exercise regularly and ate well for the most part, my health was not where it should have been. Despite my best efforts, I still felt out of shape, drained, and run-down most of the time. To put it simply, I felt old. I wanted my youth, body, energy and vitality back- and was willing to try anything to do it. I consulted with many friends who were doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts, but was told time and again that “age can not be reversed.” Being the stubborn optimist I am, in my mind it was: challenge accepted. And so came my inspiration to prove them all wrong, which led me on an incredible journey around the world mining Eastern and Western medicine, cultures, traditions, and ancient healing practices for the secrets to a youthful life.

A Happier, Younger You

Younger health can only come through transforming into sustained healthy lifestyle. Learn the facts, listen to your body, and enjoy life. Live Well…Get Younger.

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